Second Chance
When faced with a life-threatening challenge, people must often rely on others for help. The fact that people step up to offer the needed support, is inspiring.

Most people have a story to tell about a time they faced death and survived. There are none more captivating than those told by somebody who walked the edge of death all the way to the brink. Then received a Second Chance at Life through the heroic act of an organ donor.

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Myth and Misconception:
If my driver's license says Organ Donor, I will get less care in the case of an emergency.

Dispelling Fact
The top priority of all emergency technicians and doctors is to provide you with the best care and to save your life, no matter what. A person can only become an organ donor if the brain and brainstem have no activity and are completely dead, confirmed by two doctors not related to organ donation. The medical staff working to save you are always different from the transplant personnel.